Niveda Thoms became a writer

Niveda Thomas is an actress who has chosen good stories in South Indian languages ​​such as Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. He has constantly shared with the media people about what kind of character he wants to play.

He has acted in 118 films in Telugu and 'Prosevervarura'. She played Rajini's daughter in the movie 'Darbar' directed by Murugadoss. Following this film is the currently released film ‘V’ starring Niveda. New movies are being released on ODD as theaters are closed during this corona period. In that sense this ‘V’ film has also been released on ODD. The film stars Niveda Thomas opposite Nani in the lead role.

Nani and Sudhir Babu will be writing the film 'Crime Novel' and will play the role of Apurva. Niveda has been listening to a lot of stories for six months and has selected a few stories from it. He has said that he wants to continue to give good films as he considers more than how many films we act in and what kind of stories we act in.

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