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    In today's digital India no one has money. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The online source is very fast when you need money and we will talk about some of the Android Apps that give instant loan in your bank account instantly.

1. mPokket app

     This app can only give loans to friends who go to college.

Fees to be repaid

  * 1 Month - Rs.50 (fees) For Rs.500 loans

  * 1 Month - Rs.100 (fees) For Rs.1000 loans

  * 1 Month - Rs.175 (fees) For Rs.2000 loans

Required Identity Cards

  * Student Id Card

  * Aadhar Card

  * Android Mobile Phone

Steps :

      Download the mpokket app from the Play Store on your android phone. Then register the mobile number and enter OTP. Then record the details of the college you are attending and the details of your studies. You will need to record some details such as your father, mother's name and home address. After registering all this you will first get Rs.500 or Rs.1000 Instant Loan. You can get cash in your bank account to show it in at least a month to 2 months.

If the loan is not repaid on the due date, a certain amount will be charged as interest each day. Repay the loan as soon as you can to avoid late fees.

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