Domain Name Register in Google

How to buy a domain on Google?

  Domain and Hosting are important for starting a website. Most of the people come to our website with the domain name we have. Some websites charge a high price for the domain that plays such an important role in the website. But you can buy a domain at a low cost on the Google website itself. Click here to register a domain name on the Google website: Click Here

Godaddy Domain and Hosting

You can buy domain name and hosting at high discount through Godaddy website. All you have to do for that. Visit the Godaddy website daily. There will be many discounts like Discount sale and combo pack every day. That way you can buy domain names like .com .in .net at a very low price. A friend I know bought a domain name for at least Rs.69.

Not only domain but also many other offers like Hosting, Free SSL Certificate will be announced from time to time on Godaddy website. If you are in the United States, you can buy a domain name for free for one year through godaddy. What is sad is that after an argument you have to renew the domain name you bought in godaddy. Not only godaddy but most of the websites like Big Rock, Blue host, Mywebbee have to buy a domain name, but the domain name has to be renewed after one year. Otherwise they will sell your domain to anyone.

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